Family: Celebrating Hansel's 2nd birthday!!!

9:14 AM

We’ve been planning for a party for him but decided to just have a family time instead. His birthday was last May 22nd, Friday so at first we decided to celebrate it the next day however we can no longer get an affordable private resort. We tried to call them and got a good deal for Friday night so plan was changed.

Aside from Hansel’s 2nd we planned to have this bonding since Marco’s dad will be back to Saudi Arabia in few weeks so this family time is a must.

Lizette and Kaye was there too and we spent the next day with them in Sucat.

It was a mini celebration but having your family with you made it very memorable. How I wish my parents and brothers are there too. How about you? How do you celebrate your son/daughter’s birthday? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!

♥♥♥ deniese

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