Manila Workshop: Baby Sign Language and Understanding your ToddlerWorkshop.

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Last saturday I had a chance to attend my first parenting seminar. I was lucky enough that my rest day was changed so I now have my weekend to attend events like this.

Since i'm no longer familiar with the venue since it's been a long time the last time I've been in Makati and I don't know what's the fastest way to be there. I tried riding LRT and a bus however I still didn't make it on time :( So I missed the first few parts.

The first speaker was Sharon Agoncillo - Galang is the Managing Director of Baby Signs Philippines. She is also an Independent Instructor of Baby Signs Program.
I only catch the demo class of sign, say and play which I find very interesting as our kids would learn and interact with other kids using sign language at the same it. Our kids are still learning to talk so it would be easier for them to express there feelings or what they want thru sign language.

For more information about sign language you can like them on FB or visit BABY SIGN PH.

Sending to our kids to school was never too easy and very expensive but we always wants to give the best for them. Insular Life helped us to plan for our children's education. 
Ian from Insular Life

The second speaker was Dra. Jamie Isip-Cumpas. She received her medical degree from UST and finished her residency in Pediatrics in The Medical City. She also practices as alactation consultant and is a member of the Breastfeeding Committee of the Philippine Pediatrics Society. She is a facilitator in Educhild, Philippines, a non-profit organization that helps parents in their roles as a primary educators of their children.
Dra. Jamie discussed about understanding our toddlers. I've learned a lot on how we should handle our kids. Toddlers are self centered at this point and starts exploring things. Here are some tip we should not forget.

  • Always be patient and keep calm because there are times that we shout at them but they still would know what they've done wrong. 
  • Build connection with our child. Don't tell them that what they are doing is wrong but explain why it is wrong.
  • Understand. Give what they want if it won't harm them but it doesn't mean that you want them to be a SPOILED BRAT. You can't expect them to understand everything that your telling them. Just let them enjoy. If they want the blue bag so be it. 
  • Be Firm. If you told them that you won't buy toys you have to make sure that you won't even if they. They would think that next time i'll just cry again and I'll have a new toy.

I got this from the raffle weee!!

Being a first time Mom was not that easy and I would like to thank Manila Workshops , Mommy Ginger and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for giving me a chance to attend such a wonderful event that would help me to learn a lot about being a parent.

❤️ lots, 

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