Travel Diaries: Trip to Baler 2015 | Day 1

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It was less than a week preparation for this trip (as always). Since I’ll be changing my off I’ve decided to spend my last Saturday off to a place where I’ve never been to. I’ve heard and read good feedback about this place so why not give it a try. I’m with my kaladkarin travel buddies (Jojie, JR and Iriss) who’s also a first timer.
At first we decided to take a direct route to Baler via Genesis Bus and last trip is at 7am. Since our out is at 7am and Iriss is on leave she was assigned to save a seat for us however when Iriss arrived at Cubao terminal, last trip bus is already full so she ended up going to five star. We had to take a bus going to Cabanatuan (aircon bus at 185php). Lucky enough that we don’t have to wait that long since the bus is almost full as we arrive the terminal (and maybe because it is a weekend). Travel time is approximately 3 hours with one stopover somewhere in Nueva Ecija. At the Cabanatuan drop off point, there were seller who would ask you if you are bound to Baler and they will accompany you. You have to be a bit careful. In our experience, there were 2 ladies assisting us. As we ride the bus (D-liner) we gave them 50php as a tip. The 1st vendor is not accepting it but just buy hopia from them instead but the 2nd lady gets the money. They still followed us to our seats so we were a bit forced to buy hopia as well (3 for 100php) and paid another 100php. Anyway, the bus cost us 247 with approximately 4 hours travel time with one stopover.
As we reach the Baler terminal, we ride a tricycle that would cost you 12-15php each to Sabang Beach but since the driver was nice and accommodating (we change plans every now and then on where to go hahaha) we gave php80. Since we don’t have any place to stay yet, we asked how much it would cost us and they said it would be around php2500 so we just asked for their number just in case we won’t be able to find one.
On Sabang Beach, while were walking on the shore to check for a place to stay there were surfing instructors asking if we already have a place to stay. Our initial reaction was “how much?  They did not provide any price yet but a guy (kuya chris) showed us the room. Well it was a 2-3 minute walk from the shore. It was an air-conditioned room with 2 double deck bed and a bathroom and it costs php1500. We were trying to ask for more discounts since it usually cost php2500 per night and he said that we can stay until night the following day. So we decided to stay there and asked how much it would cost us to experience surfing. He said it would be php350 per hour per head but got it for only php300. We scheduled it around 5:30pm so that we’ll have time to eat however Kuya Chris returned around 5:00pm so we just ended up eating later.

The surfing experience was a blast. I think it is not that bad for a first timers since we were able to stand. Hahaha. We ended before 7pm so we headed back to our room to take a shower. We asked Kuya Chris where the famous buffet is and he accompanied us at Chef Gerry’s. There is a wide selection of food with bottomless iced tea for php200. They are also offering crabs and lobsters for php150 per 100grams.

The night was still young so we tried to look for a place where we can drink and party at the same time. We tried to walk from end to end but failed to see the perfect place for us. 

As we are searching, we heard party songs and we were so eager to look for that place. It was at Buton Market. There were DJ’s playing and we decided to stay there for the night. They offer beers (starts at php61) and cocktail drinks (around php150). They had a mini program to showcase new drinks that they offer and we were asked to participate (free drink).

We enjoyed our first day but we have to sleep early because we need to wake up by 4AM.  
What do you think of our first day? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!

♥♥♥ deniese

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  1. Ooh.. Baler is in my to-visit-places too! Maybe I will try learning to surf just like you =)

    1. You should really try it and you'll have so much fun! :)


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