My Daily Facial Regimen

12:40 PM

When I was younger, I thought that washing your face is enough to clean your face so that's what I do. I only use toner and moisturizer whenever I feel I have extra time. When I got pregnant, I don't want to look bad so I make sure that I have a healthy skin because we all know that some preggo are having extreme breakouts. I was lucky enough because from the time that I got pregnant until now my skin is getting better than ever. So I make sure that I'll maintain this skin and since I'm getting older I have to take care of my skin. I don't too look loshang after having a child but I'm also considering the price and how effective the items that I'm gonna use.

I'm still experimenting and looking for the best skin care for me since I'm not sure if I'm oily or combination skin type but for now these are the items that I'm currently using. I got this item from Puregold since this is the nearest store from our house. (isang tawid lang. hahaha) I'll have reviews on another post.

  1. Celeteque Facial Wash (60ml, 100ml and 250ml) 

2. Eskinol Calamansi Facial Cleanser (75ml and 135ml)

3. Celeteque Facial Moisturizer.

At first I was looking for the tester set from Celeteque that comes with a toner but I can't find one. So I just decided to get their facial wash and moisturizer since I want to try this Eskinol toner (which I'm also using on my underarm). So far I'm liking them since there affordable helps hydrating my skin.

❤️ Lots,
Deniese 💋

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