Birthday month

1:12 PM

Happy 1st of october everyone and it means that its only 27 days to go before my 25th birthday. Weeeeee!!

So i want to make a personal commitment to create a blogpost atleast twice a week. Its a bit hard for me since i'm a working mom.

Actually i'm so torn between being a working or stay/work at home mom. Time flies so fast and my little boy is getting bigger and bigger everday. Since most of the time I'm so tired from office that I only have little time to spend with him. There were also days that he's sleeping when we arrive home and he's sleeping before we leave. I don't want to reach the point that we won't be so close and he would like to be with someone else than to be with me.

This is a very hard decision for me. I know that I'm working for him but it feels that I waste too much time that I should be spending with him. I can't leave my job without a stable income / business. 

I used to have an online store since college. Well the income is good but not enough for Hansel's expenses. My hubby's salary is not enough for all of our expenses. So I'm still looking for a perfect business for me that I can earn great income, have more time for Hansel and for myself. 😄

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