Puerto Galera: Day 1

11:13 PM

After shift we went straight to Buendia and ride a bus going to Batangas Pier.

From there, there are a lot of fixer who would assist you to get a ticket and all. i already expected them but my friend entertain one until he assisted us to get a ride trip ticket from challenger which is good since its straight to white beach but he asked 60/pax for the terminal fee. i once asked if that is including the environmental fee or is it round trip but I didn't get any answer si since I was so tired I didn't bother to ask more questions and just paid it. Another person assists us where we can buy water and waited for the terminal ticket. They accompanied us to the entrance going to the boat and ask for "tip" since the terminal fee's line was too long. While checking the tickets, I found out out that the terminal fee is only 30/pax. Next time, I will no longer entertain them since it feels like he stole 150 from us. Anyway, we ride a speedboat going to white beach. 

There are a lot of people that day because of malasibo2015. As we arrive, people would offer malasibo tix and rooms for rent but since we already contact Aling Daling we just called her and  2 kids pick us going to her place. Her place is a bit far from the shore but since she offered a very affordable price (we got it for only 1300) and we will only stay there for a night, we decided to stay there. 


We decide to go back at Terminal to have our Late lunch.

They offer unlimited rice meals for less than 200 pesos.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to took photos of what happen this day. Well after lunch, we went back to our place and had few drinks then had dinner at Food trip. During night time, there are fire dancers around and other performers.

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