Puerto Galera: Not so planned trip and spending less than P2000

10:37 PM

It was a quick planning going to puerto galera. I saw an ad about malasimbo and since jojie haven't visited Puerto Galera I sent him the details. We both agreed to go since there's an event so it is the best time for him to visit the place. 

So in less than a week we were able to invite JR and Iriss to come with us so it was a "girls" night out. I've check the ticket price for malasimbo and it was 2k plus. Since it was bit expensive we just decided not to go. I've tried to read several blogs about Puerto Galera since it was almost 3 years when i last visit the place. I'm expecting that accomodation will be a bit expensive so I checked other bloggers suggestion on cheap room rates and got aling daling's contact number. Jojie called her before hand and told us that it would cost us 1500 for 5 person.

I've been to galera several times but I never had a chance to visit other places since we always stay at white beach. So I've tried to check an itinerary and try to visit other beach or falls. Based on what I prepared, we should be going to tamaraw falls, virgin island and aniluan falls but due to change of plans we just visited tamaraw falls and I really enjoyed it. 

Since it was a short notice trip and being a kuripot mom, I want to enjoy the trip while maximizing the time and not spending too much money so I only alloted 2-3k budget for the whole trip. Fortunately, I hit my goal. I only spent 2k for the whole trip. Here's the breakdown of my expenses. 

Edsa Central to Buendia 21
Buendia to Batangas Pier (Ceres) 157
Roundtrip boat 500
Terminal Fee (but it should only be 30) 60
tip 10
water 40
environmental fee 50
tequila 100
dinner 180
breakfast 65
beer 50
room - 1300 270
tamaraw falls (trike)800 160
tamaraw falls entrance 30
lunch 100
Terminal Fee  10
Batangas Pier to Edsa Central (Jam) 167
TOTAL 1970

You don't need to spend too much money to experience this adventure. I hope this helps you on you trip to Puerto Galera. Til next time :)

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