Kanto Freestyle on our 90th month

12:22 PM

Marco and the little boy pick me up from work and its still to traffic so we decided to have our breakfast in Kapitolyo area. We tried to look for a resto that is open at that time (8am?) and we ended up going to Kanto Freestyle located at 1st street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. After deciding where to eat we had a had time looking for a parking slot. So I wouldn't suggest bringing a car. 

When Marco and his teammates had there breakfast here they had to wait for a longtime since there were alot of people eating so we were expecting the same thing but we are lucky enough that the place is not yet full.

It was my first time to eat there so I'm so excited to try the food. Marco decided what to eat and just added the tapa. It is also affordable that you'll get a meal for less than Ph

The waiting time for the food to be serve is too long, good thing the food was so that I forgot waiting for a long time. Hahaha.

New Zealand Beef Tapa - Php110

Crispy Pork Belly - Php95

Spanish Sardines Tempura - Php95

Chocolate Chips Pancake - Php 95
Family picture. 

Also we are celebrating our 90th month together!!! "I love you beb" 

Payment method: Cash
Free Wi-Fi: No
Store Hours: 24/7
Contact information: (02) 775 5428

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