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well this is a very very late post. hahaha

Want a survivor type adventure? Anawangin is the place to be. I've always wanted to try this but since Marco doesn't like this adventure, I can't find someone who can go with me. 
Then the time has come, our team decided to go there for a team building. I thought I can't make it since I'm still preparing hansel's birthday but I was lucky enough because the date was changed. 

Don't forget to bring: 
Flip-flops / sunglasses
Swimsuit and cover-up
Towels / blanket or sarong
Lotion / Insect repellent / Sunscreen 
Fully charged camera and cell phone (no signal on the island so you can only use your phone for pictures)
Powerbank (bringing this would be very helpful)
flashlight (total darkness at night)
canned goods / water / chips (there were few stores but a bit pricey)

Since it was a team building, we only paid 1350 each for an overnight adventure. Approximately 5 hour drive from Edsa Shaw and approximately 45 minutes sea travel from Pundaquit to Anawangin Cove. 

For commuters: You can take a Victory Liner bus bound to Iba, Zambales. (Cubao or Caloocan Terminal). From San Antonio Public Market, take a tricycle ride going to Pundaquit then rent a boat going to Anawangin. 

  With the boys in Pundaquit while waiting for the boat.

boat ride on the way to Anawangin. So basically we rent the entire boat.

the only photo I had in the water

You have to pay P50 each for trekking.
 on the way up ...

we only made it half way due to alcohol. hahaha so never ever drink before climbing.

Group pic and our version of MONOPOD

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