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Baguio is the Summer Capital of the Philippines but we were able to visit the place during rainy season. It might sound weird because people usually visit the place during summer season because of it's weather but since my parents will go here, I took advantage of the chance of going out of town with my family. It is really nice to be here during summer to get rid of Manila's very hot weather but I still love our stay her even if Bagyong Henry is around since I was able to enjoy the time with my parents and my boys really love the weather.

DAY 01
From Pampanga, we had our lunch at Matutina's at Pangasinan. Then we arrived Baguio around 4pm. We checked were my family can stay while waiting for hubby since he take a bus from work. My parents stayed at Baguio Country Club for the convention and we decided to stay at Teacher's Cooperative transient at Session Road.

DAY 02
Since it's raining we went out a bit late and tried to check some thrift shops in Baguio however unfortunately while exploring around my cousin's phone was snatched. Since we can't do anything about it we look for a place to eat and ate lunch near Burnham Park. We had bulalo and just image what happen after eating that in a very cold weather. Since the rain stopped for a while he had an opportunity to walk around and take some pictures however it started raining again so we decided to go back.

Had some drinks on our room then went to giligan's with the parents and some staffs.

DAY 03
Hubby needs to go back to Manila. Since my parents are still busy, it was the perfect time to have a mommy and son time. We was about to go to the mall but since it was raining we just decided to stay.

DAY 04
Last day. Time to buy some pasalubong so we went to good shepard for the oohh soo yummy ube jam then when to mines view. Was about to take pictures at the Mansion however it's rainy and hansel is still sleeping. So we just went to the church and ate lunch at SM Baguio. We was about to go to the market to buy some veggies but again since it's raining we just decided to but at Kenon Road.

The over all experience was fun. We where about to visit all the places but the time to rest with your family is the best part of the vacation.

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