Luminous Glutathione Patch Anti-Aging and Whitening System : Experience the results in as fast as few weeks

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This revolutionary skincare system to hit our shores from the US proves to be a brand new story in glutathione and skincare, offering the same benefits of a glutathione injection—minus the pain, the hassle and the health risks.
The Luminous Glutathione Anti-Aging and Whitening System introduces the Luminous Glutathione Patch, an easy-to-use transdermal patch that effectively and safely increases glutathione levels in the body to detoxify, reduce free radicals, strengthen the immune system, and ultimately bring out a brighter, healthier complexion. The first of its kind in the World, this breakthrough technology delivers 250mg of glutathione and 250mg of vitamin C to the body with an absorption rate of 95%.
One patch worn At least 8 hours every day for 90 days is recommended for significant anti-aging and whitening benefits, but some results may be experienced in as fast as few weeks. Signs of elevated levels of glutathione after the first week’s use include improvements in energy levels, skin brightening, and a visible glow all over.

The Luminous Glutathione Patch features a Transdermal Patch Technology that delivers 250mg of glutathione and 250mg of vitamin C to the body with an absorption rate of 95%. The patch provides a controlled, steady increase in glutathione levels in the body, ensuring zero health risks. It is the safe, painless alternative that can guarantee fairer skin and no harmful side effects and the long wait. Take a look at the absorption rates:

Glutathione Absorption Rate
Glutathione cream
Glutathione soap
Glutathione pills
Glutathione injections
Luminous Glutathione Patch
95% Controlled increase in glutathione levels
*Rates may vary depending on product’s brand
**with possible health risks

According to clinical research, common glutathione powders and drinks can only elevate glutathione levels by a little over 10% in 30 days.

If you want to purchase and try this REVOLUTIONARY WHITENING & ANTI-AGING TECHNIQUE you can email me at J

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