Victoria Sports Tower II

10:51 AM

New San Jose Builders, Inc. keeps on building homes for average Filipino that they can call their own and now building Victoria Sports Tower, a high-rise condominium located right beside the MRT GMA-Kamuning Station in Quezon City, it gives the luxury of living in the city while having an active and healthy lifestyle with your family. 

Victoria Sports Tower Station offers unit owners a complete living experience beyond just a place to stay – get to go home to the first condominium with a sports complex.

Did you know that the heavier the shuttlecock is, the faster it flies?

Let your family bond over a few rounds of badminton at Victoria Sports Tower, the country’s first sports condominium.


Living at the Victoria Sports Tower will let you start your day off in the right track with a healthy little trip to the gym.

It is the first sports condominium in the Philippines, it also boasts of various facilities like a mini-theater that will surely make every unit owner feel glad that they chose to say #YesToSanJose.

How well can you bowl? If you’re confident about your skills in bowling, why not show off how often you can get a strike at the Victoria Sports Tower’s very own bowling alley?

The billiards hall at Victoria Sports Tower is the perfect place to hang around and relax after a long day. How many trick shots do you think you can make?  

 The Victoria Sports Tower boasts of a full hardwood indoor basketball court – allowing your future MVP to play, train, and hone their skills in the country’s most popular sport.


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