Blogapalooza 2014

3:16 PM

thought I won't be able to attend this much awaited event since no one will take care of Hansel but I guess no one can stop me. It was a bit hard to attend thi kind of event with a 1 year okd but it was all roth it. I was able to spend time with my little boy and enjoy at the same time.

We arrived at around 6pm. I know it was too late but I still had a great time. Wasn't able to go to all of the booth but was able to sign up for atleast 1/4. Not bad! There were no lines so we were able to get some freebies right away. I wasn't able to join thr mini contest of some booths since Hansel wants me to carry him most of the time but my friend jojie had a chance.

I really enjoyed the event and seeing alot of opportunities for blogger makes me want to write more. 

PS: i'll make sure that next year i'll attend the event earlier and without the little boy if possible


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