What to do on my 25th?

5:57 PM

Since my boys are currently sleeping, this is the perfect time to enter a blog entry. I can't think of any topic but I want to grab this chance para mapractice ang ang aking blogging skills. Hahaha. As a newbie I know I have a lot of this to learn but practice makes perfect so how can I be atleast a good blogger if I won't make entries. A blogger also told me blog everyday if you can. So gagawin kong diary ang blog ko. Hahaha.

So what should I do on my 25th birthday? We have no assurance until when our life journey will be so we have to be thankful for the days that were being given to us.  I only have 2 months left to decide but until know I don't know what to do. Marco is always telling me that I have to throw a party and share my day with the people who was been part of my 25 years but budget is always an issue. Since I have my own family and cute little boy I'm always considering the money that I'm spending. Pero syempre I'll only celebrate my 25th birthday once so I'm so torn if party or just a simple family day.

My best friends already had their 25th birthday and it's a bit expensive for me. Again, I'm always considering the price because of my hanzywanzy. Mag jollibee party na lang kaya ako? Haha but I know my friends won't enjoy it. Swimming party? house party? or go to a restobar? I know I still have 2 months but still wala akong maayos na idea. 

Sana by October I have a plan na. Can you help me decide? Comments are very much appreciated!

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