Things to bring when giving birth.

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My cousin is expecting to have a baby girl so I prepared list of what she needs to the hospital as of my experience in St. Jude Hospital.

Well, I prepared a lot of stuffs that time but luckily you don't need to bring anything for your baby. Yes everything is provided. From milk, bottles, water, diapers, blanket and clothes.

But of course it's better to bring extra stuff to make sure that everything will be fine.

Here's the checklist that you should pack before giving birth


  • clothing (mittens, shoe socks, onesies) blanket / wraps
  • bottles / water/ milk 
  • diapers
  • wipes / cotton / oil / lotion


  • adult diaper ( you'll need to wear this before and after giving birth so you need to be ready for at least 3 days consumption)
  • toiletries. alcohol /wipes / face towel / toothbrush/ feminine wash/ comb etc. (there are chances that you can't take a bath right away so you need those stuffs to freshen up)
  • underwear / maternity bra / pajamas
  • camera (who wouldn't want to capture the first time you'll see your baby?)
  • don't forget to bring something that would entertain you like books or games.
  • extra food

Hope this would help you guys as well :)

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