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Time flies so fast. Our little boy just turned one. About a year ago, God gave us with a very wonderful blessing. The pregnancy stage was quite easy and I'm lucky to have a very strong little boy inside. I had an accident after a month of having him. There were chances of losing him but I'm so lucky that nothing bad happened to him. He remained strong and healthy little boy. I didn't expected to be a mom at that point of my life because I still have a lot of things / dreams but having Hansel in our life is a blessing that God gave us for a reason. I know that He knows that I'm already ready (emotionally and financially). There were ups and downs but with the help of Marco and our family, I know that we can raise this little boy.

So the day has come, my baby boy just turned one. Since Marco and I have a shift (May 22)  we just had a little celebration at home. Sunday that week (May 25) we had his birthday party at Avida New Manila. We have some of our family members and friends was there to celebrate his 1st year of existence. Too bad my parents and brothers wasn't able to come to celebrate with us.

Overall, it was a fun and a bit tiring day but I really want to thank everyone who had time to celebrate his 1st birthday with us most especially to his ninong Marvin who helped to plan everything.

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