Sunset Beach Park at Babak, Samal Island

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Davao del Norte (Hilagang Dabaw), is a province of the Philippines located in the Davao Region in Mindanao. Its capital is Tagum City. It includes Samal Island to the south in the Davao Gulf. 


From Cotabato City:
We travel by land to Davao City. It was really a long drive (approximately 6 hours) since my dad is a super safe driver (hahaha) but you can also ride a Weena bus who has a straight trip to davao.

From Manila:
You simply need to book a flight from NAIA to Francisco Bangoy International Airport with approximate travel time of 1hour and 30 mins. 

So we went straight to SAMAL ISLAND which is two kilometers away from Davao City.
tres marias
It will take 10-15 minutes ferry ride town from SASA ferry wharf terminal (which operates 24 hours). It would cost you 270pesos for light vehicles and 10pesos per person.
From the terminal, you can ride a tricycle that would cost you around 10pesos.

At Sunset Beach Resort 

Entrance Fee Rates:
   1 - 4 Years old = Free of charge
  5-10 Years old = 10 pesos
11 years above = 25 pesos day tour and 35 pesos for overnight.

Accommodation And Cottages:
         Open Cottage = 250 pesos per day or 300 pesos per night
        Small Closed Cottage = 800 pesos per night (with ceiling fan)
So even if we arrived late, our friend was able to book a room for us for 3,000 per night. It was an air-conditioned room with 3 beds. So we stayed there for 2 days and 2 night.

On our 1st night since at was so late we need to go out the resort and eat somewhere in the island. I was just so tired so I wasn't able to take a pictures and can't remember what is the name of the restaurant/bar. We also stopped buy a convenience store to buy some beers and stuffs.

On our 2nd day, it was my mom and sister's birthday. We had our first beach experience however since it was low tide so we were able to enjoy the water that much but we were able to see some corals, starfish and SNAKE :) When just had our lunch out and headed back to the room had some drinks.
Happy birthday mommy and sister!
super low tide but hansel is still enjoying his 1st beach experience.
Since mommy is drinking it seems that the little boy wants some too but naaahhh.. not yet pwede little boy!

While waiting for our dinner, there was a billiard table and it was the first time for our big babies to play it. There were also fire dancers in front of the restaurant and I tried to take a picture with them several times however I was not successful but at least I have one with mom and kuya. After there performance, rain drops started to fall so we decided to go back to our room.

my babies playing billiards
Mommy, kuya and me with the fire dancer

The next morning, I woke up too early and since Marco and Hansel were still sleeping it is the perfect time to explore the place.

While walking around, I saw daddy so he became my photographer and saw sister afterwards.

swimming part 2

Hansel's 1st beach experience, well it was our 1st beach experience as a family.

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